Monday, December 14, 2009

After witnessing Accenture's brilliant PR move in dumping Tiger Woods, we here at Austin Harris Creative and Bailey & Harris Interactive have decided also not to sponsor Tiger Woods. It truly was a smart move by Accenture. I mean, how many of us even knew that they sponsored Tiger? Not many. Maybe a few attentive golf watchers did and I'm sure the employees at Accenture were aware of it. But I'll bet if most people were quizzed on who Tiger endorses (or endorsed) they'd probably name Nike, Gatorade and ... whichever razor company it was that recently announced they'd be "limiting his exposure". I think it's the one that has 42 blades instead of only 40, but I honestly can't remember. Or is it the one with the ads that appeal to all mens' desires to fly fighter jets and fearlessly shave even the most deeply dimpled areas of our perfectly chiseled jawlines while a hot lady provocatively embraces us from behind like some kind of living backpack? Can't remember which. Anyway, now that Accenture has announced their intentions I'm suddenly aware that they exist. Hence, my big announcement.

Oh by the way, we do graphic design, illustration and programming (html and Flash) and we do it well. And we DON'T condone womanizing!